Lego Duplo Blocks

Lego duplo or legos range of Duplo bricks is the larger form of block designed for younger children.

LEGO and DUPLO bricks with a 1 EURO coin for scale

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I grew up with lego bricks but my kids all grew up with Duplo and somehow skipped lego to get hooked on computer games. If I had my time over I like to think I'd have banned television from the house! But we can't go Amish I guess. Computers are here to stay but they are so addictive at such time expense to ongoing family relationships.

The Duplo train set and track and the farm buildings and animals were played with more than perhaps any other toy I ever bought. So I have a great fondness for Duplo, and so many happy memories spent with my young kids building up and knocking down scenes and mixing McDonalds men in with legomen and wooden block buildings around the Duplo train.

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